The Perfect Skype Session For Hypnosis

By Scott Jansen, Conversational Hypnosis Academy.

As we evolve with technology and social media. So can our hypnosis practice and business to effectively treat clients all around the world from the comfort of home.
 Knowing how to execute the perfect skype session for hypnosis, will grow your capacity to expand your income but also grow your communication for your desired goals for your business.
Think about it for yourself. 
If you could accept clients outside of the country you live in, and have essentially no extra overheads to do this, it would be silly not to.
When it comes to the evolution of hypnosis, gone are the days of just seeing clients face to face in a therapy office.
With skype and even crystal clear coverage with mobile phones ( in most cases ), using these mediums allows you as a professional therapist to treat and see more clients.
In addition to this, your working holidays or holidays, in general, allow you to continually make an income from one side of the world to the other.
Now you may just think, that to use Skype all one needs to do is turn on their computer, plug in a microphone and start talking.
While the theory is correct ( and it will be that easy ) considerations need to be put into place, in  order to create the right environment and negate any negative circumstances that can erupt during a skype or mobile phone appointment.
So with this in mind, we have made it easier for you.
Scott Jansen of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy has put together 3 unique sessions to teach the How, Why, When and What to do when using other mediums other than face to face.
This home study guide will reveal the principles to the perfect skype session for hypnosis, and it’s yours to download immediately.
If your reading this and have not yet included skype into your practice, what are you waiting for ?
To get your hands on your copy
email to [email protected] and say ” YES I want my copy now ”
And you can begin seeing your first clients, using skype today


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