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Hi, I’m Melissa and I am a passionate Spinal Flow practitioner and owner of Flow Factory. I am currently studying guided meditation with hopes to help people heal deeper through journey meditation. I would love to work with people including children, who are searching for an alternative, less invasive method of chiropractic care through energy healing, by connection to our bodies innate healing energy and allowing physical change through posture correction, mental change through clarity of mind and emotional change through releasing blocked energy, to make space for new energy to flow.

Throughout your life you have changes occurring in your spine. These changes happen because of stress caused by a physical injury, emotional experience or chemical stress (from the food you eat and the environment you live in)

The Spinal Flow technique understands that stress impacts the flow of energy up and down your spine and focuses on assessing where the energy is flowing freely and where is it blocked. If the energy is blocked, the nerves coming from the vertebrae are also impacted. This means vital nutrients and life force energy is being blocked from accessing vital organs and parts of the body that need them most. Imagine a hose with water flowing freely through it until someone kinks it. The nerves coming out from the vertebrae are impacted in the same way and cause pain, illness and dis-ease in your body.

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