Indigenous Vibes Spinal Flow

Spinal Flow Technique

Hello, I’m Jannice – a First Nations Healer and Spinal Flow practitioner and a proud Wiradjuri and Bundjalung woman.

My passion is to help people heal and resolve any stress, discomfort or pain stored in the body.

Drawing on my connection to country and cultural knowledge I aim to create a space that promotes wisdom, healing and wellbeing. I have also been practicing meditation for over 26 years and have developed a strong connection to the earth and my ancestors.

The Spinal Flow Technique is a method rooted in the science and structure of the spine and the nervous system. It involves using touch, feeling the body’s posture, and focusing on specific points along the spine to find areas where the flow of energy is obstructed.

Within each of us, there’s a natural Spinal Wave, but stress, whether it’s emotional, physical, or chemical, can block the smooth flow of this wave through the nervous system. A spinal blockage essentially hinders the body’s life force, and the Spinal Flow Technique aims to reconnect individuals with their inner energy, integrating their life experiences.

In a session, I primarily use gentle touch on the sacrum and cranium to send signals to the brain and nervous system to release spinal blockages.

I firmly believe in the incredible self-healing power of the human body. As a healer and dedicated practitioner, I’m committed to helping others attain optimal health and well-being through The Spinal Flow technique and cultural wisdom and healing.

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