Celestial Rays

Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Circle Facilitator

Hello, beautiful souls! I’m Cris, your guide on your journey towards inner peace, spiritual awakening and personal growth.

I founded Celestial Rays to create a nurturing space where you can explore your spiritual path, unlock your potential, and embrace a life filled with balance, clarity and fulfillment. I offer transformative healing, spiritual development services, mama blessings circles and ceremonies.

Through modalities like Reiki, Past life assimilation, Pellowah healing technique, Umana technique, energy healing, intuitive guidance and spiritual coaching, I facilitate deep healing, release energetic blockages, and empower clients to tap into their innate wisdom.

Through Mama Blessings Circles and Ceremonies, I weave together wisdom, love, and empowerment to guide you on the path of self-discovery and divine motherhood.

Join me in discovering the radiant light within. Awaken to your true essence and embrace the magic of this beautiful adventure!

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